dinsdag 9 november 2010

Crazyyyyy Night

So last night me and my friends went to this club called "Dream", everything looked good from the outside: lots of muscular black guys and some guidos thrown in. Just my kind of guys. So me and my girls go up to the bouncer and show some spectacular cleavage and obviously we're treated like VIPs right away. So once through the velvet ropes of the VIP me and my posse make our way to the dance floor and sure enough we're quickly spotted by guys with a table and asked if we would care for a drink. We were waiting for this so of course we went straight with them to pop some bottles of Belvedere!

We danced with them for a while but then me and my girls noticed Rose was gone! And the guys noticed their friend Julio was also gone! Sure, we had drinks with them, but we would never have sex with them in the club. That's the motto of our posse: booze, but no boobs. I went straight to the ladies bathroom to see if Rose was there, but I could not spot her! I figured she wouldn't be in the men's bathroom as it is disgusting. I went back to my girls with a super sad face bringing the bad news. They responded in outrage and started to get pissed at the guys at the table that they should call their friend and such! They called a bouncer and we were removed from the VIP area! Unbelievable! With still no sign of Rose we started to get worried, she didn't answer her phone and even IF she was having sex with Julio it wouldn't take this long, she's super hot and he was not. After an HOUR there was still no sign of Rose, but the guys that were at the table had left! Our only hope to find Rose were those guys and now they were gone, we got a little scared to say the least.

We decided to go outside and wait for her there, after standing outside for an hour my phone finally rang and thank god it was Rose!! She was crying and I couldn't hear her well, but she said something about the Loews hotel so we took a cab and went straight to the hotel. At the hotel we asked if they saw a girl that looked like Rose (showed a picture on my BB), they had seen her with a Mexican guy. Julio! I called her again and she told me she was coming to the lobby, still in tears. Waiting for Rose must've been the most dreading 4 minutes of my life. When she finally got there we asked what the hell happened. Apparently Julio asked her if she wanted a free room in the Loews and she was intrigued, he offered her to show the room, but only if she was alone. Once at the hotel he tried to grope her and she kicked him right between the legs. We called the police and everything turned out fine.

Boy what a night!

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  1. Lesson: Never go off with strange men!

  2. Wow, what a night, lol. Be careful

  3. Wow What a crazy night, I wonder how I would have done.

  4. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one

  5. Wow, what a night in club, lol. wonder how I would have done.